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Virtualization and its endless benefits

Virtualization, commonly known as Hyper-V technology, is a technology that affects the way you operate and maintain your organization’s servers. It allows you to run your multiple servers digitally, on one single server. Your hard disks are simulated with “flat files”, that is, digital files that simulate the same behavior as your hard disks. The benefits of not running several physical servers simultaneously are endless:

  • Optimized disaster planning
  • Optimized business continuity
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Electric bill savings
  • Less space requirements
  • Environmentally-friendly

Automatic and continual backups

Virtualization allows for continual back ups of your databases to occur automatically and in real-time. This is done through the use of “snapshots” of your virtual servers, which allow to restore to any previous state desired. Thanks to this technology, your organization minimize downtime if its main server were to be affected. In the latter case, a “migration” would be performed. In other words, the snapshots would be virtually moved to another machine, while you perform physical maintenance on your main server, allowing for uninterrupted service.

Does your business have several offices? Not to worry. 

Thanks to a practice called “failover”, geographically separated servers remain in sync with each other. In the case of a disaster like a fire, another server takes over the work of the affected one as soon as it detects an anomaly. This happens automatically and without human assistance. You benefit from zero downtime and none of your offices are ever affected! We call these connected servers “cluster servers”.