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Real Estate Industry

Tracking, billing and reporting for all your property management needs

Opt for a solution that can truly take charge of all your property management activities. Everything you need should be only a click away. Our real estate management solutions can provide you with powerful tracking tools, accounting and billing, analytical and financial reporting, as well as custom reporting. Most importantly, this will enable you to considerably cut down on costs by saving you precious time spent on redundant and error-prone tasks.

Solutions for any property type

Property management can be considered a broad term to use. Our solutions apply to a wide array of property types such as properties, buildings, or units. To be more specific, you’ll be able to fully take charge of any of the following property types:

Commercial – Residential – Retail space – Airports and port authorities – Managed parking lots – Storage facilities – Agriculture or farmland leasing – Wind farms – Telecommunication towers

Solution 1

Solution 2

  • Binary Stream – Property Site Management

    One unified system for all your property management needs

    Binary Stream’s property management solution allows you to manage, track, bill and create reports for all your property management activities.

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