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Hotel Industry

Connect your hotel’s departments for a customer-focused experience

For a hotel to run smoothly, several departments need to be in constant communication with each other. Your front desk needs to be connected at all times and so do your banquet sales, marketing, room service, housekeeping and kitchen. Most importantly, the customer journey needs to be impeccable, from start to finish. Think about this situation : 

An unhappy client tweets about an unpleasant experience in the hotel’s bar from his room. Your social media team interceps the message. To remedy the situation, your social media rep contacts your front office department’s manager. They in turn contact the guest in his room to offer him a complementary drink at the bar as well as late checkout. Now the bar manager as well as front desk need to be informed of the decision as well as the guest’s information. This also has an impact on your accouting. Lastly, the social media rep needs to publically reply to the guest on social media.

A variety of situations requiring constant collaboration can arise in your hotel’s day-to-day. Some involve the guests and some others are strictly internal.

A solution for all your hotel’s needs

Every departement in your hotel has a unique set of needs and they all depend on each other in one way or another. We can help you tend to those needs in a way that will reduce time spend on tasks, increase efficiency, and create opportunities. Our fully integratable solutions can help you optimize your accounting, customer relationship management, workforce management, as well as your analytical and reporting needs.

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