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Industry-specific business solutions tailored to your organization

Every industry has its own set of unique processes and complexities. When looking for the perfect business management solution, it’s essential to pick one that fits the needs specific to your industry. ‘’The shoe that fits all’’ approach can cost your company thousands of dollars. Our solutions are not only tailored to your industry, they are also implemented with your company’s unique needs in mind. With decades of experience in the following industries, we can assure you a profitable worry-free investment that will help your company reach new heights and trim down on unnecessary costs.

Discover what industries we service!

Manufacturing Industry

Our manufacturing solutions come packed with the most powerful and flexible functionalities in the industry. Designed specifically with manufacturing businesses in mind (…)

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Retail Sales

If you’re in retail, then a truly capable point of sale system can mean everything to your organization. The challenge often lies in a solution’s versatility. You need a POS that can adapt (…)

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Service Industry

Our carefully picked solutions are made specifically for the service-based business aiming to improve workforce productivity and achieve true customer satisfaction. Opt for full control (…)

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Our carefully selected solutions have been tried and tested for their versatility, power and performance. In terms of tasks, no stone was left unturned : you can expect full control (…)

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Food Industry

With Genatec’s extensive experience within the food industry, you can rest assured that our solutions are tailored to fit your very specific needs. Without the proper implementation (…)

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Real Estate Industry

Opt for a solution that can truly take charge of all your property management activities. Everything you need should be only a click away. Our real estate management solutions can provide you (…)

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Hotel Industry

For a hotel to run smoothly, several departments need to be in constant communication with each other. Your front desk needs to be connected at all times and so do your banquet sales, marketing, room service (…)

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