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Business management solutions

Reallocate resources and create new opportunities

As your business grows, so do the complexities of each and every task. Our business management solutions are meant to help you reallocate your time towards the parts of your business that earn you money. Long, routine, and error-prone tasks should no longer be part of your processes. Each one of our solutions is able to take full charge of one or several of your departments. Make data-driven decisions, never miss an opportunity again, and adopt cost-efficient practices!

Fully integratable solutions to fit your every need

All of our business management solutions are fully integratable. This means that your management softwares will automatically communicate with each other and will assure that your information is always up-to-date across all platforms and departments. This is made possible by combining every solution to one of two ERP systems used at Genatec: Sage 300 ERP and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Discover our business solutions

Financial and Accounting Solutions

Let’s face it, your business’ finances are at the center of it all. At the end of the day, it’s the bottom line that counts, right? More often than not, that’s easier said than done (…)

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Customer Relationship Management

The right customer relationship management solution can do wonders for your business. A proper CRM will help you automate your sales force, manage opportunities (…)

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Supply Chain Management

If your business operates within one or several of the numerous supply chain functions, then resource management and control are surely important factors for you. You want to (…)

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Manufacturing Solutions

Our manufacturing solutions have been handpicked for their ability to truly help your small to medium business reach its full potential. We are aware that your manufacturing needs (…)

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Sales Management and E-commerce Solutions

Every business needs a certain degree of flexibility within their POS solution. Our POS solutions are able to take into account every business’ unique needs without compromising on capability (…)

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Business intelligence, notifications and reporting

A lot goes on all at once in a business. Decisions are made every day and some of these decisions have important repurcussions. Our solutions help give a voice to your business (…)

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Workforce Management

People are the heart and soul of any organization. For your organization to thrive, your workforce needs to thrive. This means helping them be as productive as possible, all while giving them (…)

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