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Fully integratable business solutions that promote data-driven decisions, create new opportunities and encourage cost-efficient practices.

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Business management solutions tailored to your industry and implemented with your business’ unique needs in mind.

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Backup and Storing

Your data is easily one of your company’s most valuable assets and protecting it can often save you from a series of crippling events.

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Cloud Solutions

Put simply, our cloud solutions are designed to enable your workforce to do more, wherever they might be. Modern productivity means work doesn’t have to happen only at work.

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IT Managed Services

Managed Services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day technology management operations in order to improve company-wide operations while keeping cost-efficiency a primary focus.

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Maintenance and Support

For your business to run smoothly and uninterrupted, you need reliable, quick, and effective support for your technology-related operations. Our promise to our clients is to always be available for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Training Services

Our training services empower your workforce to utilize all the tools you put at their disposal to the fullest of their capacities. When making important technology investments for your organization, you want to know you can rely on your people to operate efficiently.

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Sales, Rental and Financing of Equipment

Who better to guide you in your procurement then the very advisors that are trained to enable business productivity and innovation through technology. Our options are affordable and include only the best in business equipment.

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Virtualization, commonly known as Hyper-V technology, is a technology that affects the way you operate and maintain your organization’s servers. It allows you to run your multiple servers digitally, on one single server.

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Network Security

Did you know that small-to-medium businesses are more at risk for malware and data theft than enterprise-level organizations? As large corporations take the necessary steps to protect themselves with the latest in technology, malicious users turn to easier targets.

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Infrastructure and Environment

Genatec can elaborate a weaknesses and threats assessment to help you perfect certain areas of your business that are unknowingly slowing you down.

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Management software that takes full charge of your small to medium business.

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Business management softwares

Business management solutions to reduce your costs, increase your revenues, and create countless efficiencies.

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Acquisition de BMD Gestion Informatisée

Acquisition de BMD Gestion Informatisée

La société Genatec est fière d’annoncer l’acquisition de BMD Gestion Informatisée. Cette fusion permet d’agrandir l’équipe, qui compte désormais plus de 60 experts, pour aider les entreprises à prospérer et à croître grâce à l’utilisation des technologies. En créant...
Microsoft Plans to Use Blockchain to Secure Personal Data

Microsoft Plans to Use Blockchain to Secure Personal Data

Over the past year, Microsoft has been working to develop a blockchain-based digital identity platform to secure its users’ identity and sensitive information. In 2017, Microsoft has been looking into creating new types of digital identities that would help increase...
The Many Benefits of Outsourcing your IT

The Many Benefits of Outsourcing your IT

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT, making it something every company, big or small, should consider. If you’re still hesitant, however, then you should think about these factors when making your decision.  Costs While this may be the obvious factor, there...

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Genatec is an experienced and dedicated IT services provider and business solutions consultant that has been around long enough to understand the complexities of technology in your workplace. We are known for building long-lasting profitable relationships and helping businesses grow thanks to cutting-edge technology.