June 18, 2015

The Many Benefits of Outsourcing your IT

There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT, making it something every company, big or small, should consider. If you’re still hesitant, however, then you should think about these factors when making your decision. 


While this may be the obvious factor, there is more than just the obvious cost-savings. IT services often offer bulk purchasing and leasing for hardware and software. When you outsource IT, you also eliminate the cost of hiring a new employee, which includes training, health insurance, employment taxes, retirement plans, and more. Most importantly, if you opt for Managed IT Services, you’d benefit from predictable and fixed costs.

Access to State-of-the-Art Resources

It’s an IT company’s job to stay up to date with current IT trends and the latest in technology developments. This means having an entire IT company at your disposal along with seasoned professionals with decades in accumulated experience. Opt for timely problem-resolution. Make sound IT-related decisions and avoid making costly mistakes. Additionally, you can opt for Managed Services and avoid issues all together thanks to proactive dedicated support.

Flexibility and Consistency

When you outsource your IT, you have an entire team of professionals at your disposal. With the proper team, you will no longer be limited to such factors as manpower, time constraints, after-hours issues, limited knowledge, and more. Furthermore, you can expect consistent and timely support for all of your locations.

Company Focus

Outsourcing IT allows your company to focus on what you do best, and that’s probably not IT. Allocate your resources to the segments of your business that bring you the most profits. Opt for efficiency and expertise. Not only will this result in a job well done, it will also translate into cost savings.

If these reasons have convinced you of the benefits of outsourcing your IT, then you’ve made a step in the right direction. To find out more about Genatec’s IT services, click here.

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