February 23, 2015

What are managed services & the benefits of outsourcing your IT

Definition of Managed Services

Managed services refers to the practice of outsourcing your day-to-day IT activities as a way to strategically improve your operations and cut down on expenses. These services are designed to keep your business productive at all times, while making sure your networks and systems are consistently up and running.

What Can You Expect From a Managed Services Provider?

Managed service providers usually provide a wide array of services. These can include notifications and alerts, proactive and reactive on-site and remote support, backup log verifications, predictive and proactive systems management, and much more. These services usually apply to most if not any device your business uses: mobile devices, laptops, desktop PCs, etc…

Outsourcing Your IT Comes With Benefits!

If you’ve been considering the option of outsourcing your IT, you don’t have to think twice. The benefits are quite numerous, and in most cases, outsourcing is the right move to make.

To begin with, hiring an IT expert internally can come at a great cost. For small to medium businesses, this isn’t always a viable option. However, small businesses have technology needs too. Outsourcing your IT provides you with the type of support your business requires at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, organizations that offer managed services are available to you 24/7/365. This means accountability and full responsibility from your managed services provider, even after-hours! If your systems crash, you want them up and running within minutes, not days!

Furthermore, by dealing with a managed services provider, you are tapping into the combined experience and cumulated knowledge of the whole agency. A managed services provider is more likely to have encountered a great majority of the issues your organization encounters. A provider also has access to a wide array of professionals with years of expertize and specializations. This means that your issues will be resolved at a fraction of the time it would normally take an employee.

Moreover, managed services costs are extremely predictable and manageable for better scalability. Add to that the the fact that the same provider is able to service all your locations with the same consistency and level of quality, and you have yourself a winning strategy!

Finally, let’s not forget the ressources it takes to manage your very own IT operations. By outsourcing your IT, you’re able to direct your energy to running the profitable areas of your business.

Why Are IT Services So Important?

No matter the size of your business, regular backups of data, software updates, and security updates will always be a crucial part of your activities. If not taken care of, the business encounters great security threats and risks the chance of losing profits every minute the systems are inaccessible.

System monitoring and maintenance on its own can avoid a business a great deal of issues and expenses, without mentioning the added ability to address existing ones quickly and efficiently.

How Are Managed Services Priced?

Managed service expenses are usually billed on a monthly basis. The price is in direct connection to the amount of devices that require support as well as the extent of that support, which can be highly customized to your exact needs.  Before any work begins, a provider will conduct an initial analysis of your company’s existing and future needs. The IT consultant will take the time to fully understand the nature of your business and its activities. Only then will a service proposal be provided to the client, in order to insure a service fit to your company’s reality.

Managed services refers to the practice of outsourcing your day-to-day IT activities as a way to strategically improve your operations and cut down on expenses. 

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