July 27, 2016

How Sage CRM Can Help Accelerate Your Business Growth

Find out how Sage CRM can help you accelerate your sales processes, achieve greater marketing efforts and build effective customer relationships.

Accelerate your sales processes

With Sage CRM, your business is able to see where your stage sales deals are. Your company will also be able to make smart business decisions based on real-time data. In other words, your sales team will not only close more deals, but faster too. How? Sage CRM provides the right tools and access to the right information that is needed to forecast opportunities and to manage sales processes. The result? A faster return on investment.

Take Katalina Media for example. Thanks to Sage CRM, the film production company managed to grow revenue by an impressive 240 percent year-on-year. By acquiring Sage CRM, their sales team identified opportunities faster and tracked them at every stage while using real-data business information. Katalina Media is just one example of the thousands of enterprises that use Sage CRM to manage their sales processes.

Achieve greater marketing efforts

Nowadays, marketing campaigns are becoming more difficult to implement given the limited budgets, small resources and complexity of customers’ needs. Marketing is defined as offering the right product or service at the right people, at the right place and time, which is not always easy to do so. Thankfully, there is a solution for that.

Sage CRM allows businesses like Nexus Solutions to manage current and prospective customer information and therefore create more effective marketing campaigns. In the case of Nexus Solutions, the company initially struggled to run effective marketing campaigns prior to purchasing Sage CRM. However, Astley Yip, sales manager at Nexus Solutions, states that now their “marketing efforts achieved a much higher response.”

Build authentic and effective customer relationships

As a growing business, it is crucial to not only build a strong relationship with your current customers, but to identify prospect ones as well. It is also important to provide a high-quality customer experience to each individual. These are just some examples of common customer service challenges that a growing enterprise may encounter. Here is how The Signature Works, a signage company, overcame them by using Sage CRM.

During the 2000s, The Signature Works had invested in many IT tools. However, by the year of 2008, these tools were soon becoming obsolete. The company needed a solution to not only replace these tools, but to process increasing customer service requests and an expanding user base as well. Sage CRM was the modern solution to their problems. By purchasing Sage CRM, The Signature Works became overall more productive and efficient in their customer service management. They are now able to provide better customer support by resolving issues faster and by sharing meaningful conversations with customers.

Sage CRM: the secret to accelerating your business growth 

In today’s business world, opportunities arise quickly and consumer data evolves constantly. In order to adapt to the ever-changing market, it is important for companies to keep constant track of their sales, marketing efforts and customer service management. With a tool that is easy and quick to implement like Sage CRM, your business will gain better productivity. To find out more about Sage CRM, click here.

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