December 16, 2016

Microsoft Will Pay You Just So You Stop Using a MacBook

Microsoft’s Trade-In Program

Microsoft recently launched a laptop program called “trade-in and trade up” in order to discourage users from using and buying Apple products. In fact, this promotional campaign was announced just hours before Apple introduced its latest MacBooks back in October. If you trade in your old Apple device, Microsoft is willing to offer you a maximum credit of 650$, as long as you spend it on a Surface Book, like their latest Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft’s trade-in and trade-up program is not solely limited to laptops, but it includes essentially any type of Apple product. If you own an iPad of any size, the tech company will pay you up to 455$, which, again, is intended for you to purchase a Windows tablet. The same goes for iPhones: if you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you can trade it for a 580$ credit with Microsoft.

Is It Really Worth It?

While this trade-in program may be unappealing for diehard Apple fans, it does offer a fairly decent deal, especially if you intend on purchasing a new laptop. For instance, with a 650$ credit, a brand new Surface Book –which retails for a little over 1,000$– would cost you less than half of the original price.

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