September 28, 2015

8 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 comes with key features and benefits, one of which is shifting the burden to Microsoft. You get to continue using the same software you’ve been using for years, but let Microsoft handle all the tough stuff. There are also other important features and benefits to moving to Office 365…

Be more productive

Microsoft has made Office 365 as easy and simple to use as possible. When you increase simplicity, you increase productivity. When the technology gets out of the way and you can focus on your work, it makes you increasingly more productive.

Access your work from anywhere

All you need is your computer (a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone) and an Internet connection and you can access your work from anywhere. The software is running from a Microsoft data centre, so you simply need the Internet to access it.

View the most up-to-date versions of documents

You will always have a single source when viewing documents, so you’ll always see the most up-to-date versions of documents being edited by multiple users. If one employee makes changes to a document, then their colleague will be able to see those changes immediately. No more emailing documents! No more confusing document versions!

Manage security permissions

Security can be as strict or as lenient as you want. If you want everyone in the company to have access to a certain set of documents, you can do that. But if you want to restrict access to certain personnel, you can easily set that up. In addition, you can restrict access based on geographic location, for example, if you don’t want employees to view some documents outside of the office.

Use the same software, but in the cloud

Microsoft hasn’t changed the way Microsoft Office works, so you can be comfortable with what you know. Your favourite features are all still there, except now they’re connected to the cloud and can reside in only one place.

Leave security up to Microsoft

Microsoft is now responsible for security and reliability, so your in-house IT department can take a break. Your IT team can now work on more important things, such as helping employees get the most out of the software.

Don’t give up the control of your systems

Your IT team may not want to give up control of their system, so Microsoft 365 allows IT personnel the ability to know what everyone is doing with their systems. IT administrators have control over their environment and Microsoft has designed the system to be simple and intuitive. This way you can keep an eye out and be proactive against future threats!

Microsoft 365: simple and worry-free

Microsoft 365 is everything you know and love about Microsoft Office, except it’s on the cloud and easier to access. Some weight is lifted off your shoulders in terms of security, all while giving your IT department the control it needs to ensure things are running smoothly. Making the switch can only benefit the running of your company.

Make sure your transition is safe and smooth; ask us about updating your system!

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