November 13, 2015

7 New Features in the Windows 10 Update “Threshold 2”

Microsoft finally released the first update to Windows 10, dubbed Threshold 2. With a bunch of new features and some highly anticipated fixes, this free download should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. 

Some Caveats

The Windows 10 update breaks the 30-day roll back

With Windows 10, users coming from Windows 7 and 8.1 were awarded a month to change their mind after downloading. However, the Windows 10 update will render this problematic. The update is a complete reflash of the operating system with an updated version. Because it’s such a big update, the partition that contains your old OS will be wiped in the process. So, if you install Threshold 2, Microsoft technically breaks its promise of the 30 day roll back. Instead of breaking that promise, Windows now requires all new users to wait a month before updating to Threshold 2. 

The start menu has app advertisements

The Windows 10 update startup menu will now have app advertisements. There will be occasional suggestions recommending apps you should install. Good news? You can disable the feature if you want to, by going to Settings > Personalization > Start, and then disable the “Occasionally show suggestions in Start” option. 

Great New Features

Coloured title bars

Although this isn’t a new feature per say, it was removed in Windows 10, but the Windows 10 update brought them back! You can edit the standard white title bars by visiting Settings > Persoanlization > Colors, and enabling “Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and title bar.” The colour you choose in this option will be used for your title bars. 

There is now a “Find My Device” option

The Windows 10 update can natively track your lost computer with the “Find My Device” option. It has built-in tracking, so you can track your laptop or tablet via GPS and location services. There’s also the option to send your device’s location to Microsoft so that you can see its last known location should you lose it. To activate it, go to Settings > Update & security. 

Edge now has tab previews and syncing

Microsoft Edge also gets an update too, and with it comes new features. We now have tab previews: just move your mouse over the tab in the title bar and voila! – a sneak peak at what’s inside. Additionally, Edge now allows you to sync your favourites and your reading list across all your Windows 10 devices. 

Skype and Sway are integrated 

The Windows 10 update has some new apps, and the three big ones are Skype Video, Messaging, and Phone. They all use Skype’s service and therefore replace the Skype Metro app used in Windows 8. Windows also introduced Sway, an Office-style app  that allows you to “create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more,” according to Microsoft. 

Install Windows on another drive

Another feature that isn’t entirely new, but instead brought back, is the ability to install Windows on another drive. This is especially useful for devices with low storage. You can also choose where Windows 10 stores by going to Settings > System > Offline maps. 

Windows 10 update: a success

Although there are some things to nit pick, as there always is with any OS, the Windows 10 update offers many new great features that users have been excitedly waiting for. And to top it all off, your device will run smoother, with higher performance in everyday tasks. Have you updated yet? Give us a call and one of out techs will walk you through it! 1-877-855-1223